Top 5 Gifts for math geeks

Ever wanted to gift a special someone a special thing and when you look around nothing seems like the perfect gift. Well this is especially the case when it comes to looking for a special gift for a maths gift, not because you don’t know them but simply because you do and any ordinary gift seems too trivial. Well if you are looking to get a sincere thank you and offer something that will truly be appreciated here are too 5 gifts for math geeks that you can’t go wrong by. If you want gifts for math geeks you can check it online.

1. Equation geek watch

Starting out top 5 list of gifts for maths gift is something that is truly technical and that will get you that sincere thank you. With a number of equation replacing standard watch numbers, an equation geek watch enables that person to think of you every time that they glance at the time. What is more it offers a safe haven especially in days that nothing seems right as one glance at it and they remember maths can never go wrong.

2. Math mug

Transform tea or coffee drinking periods to extraordinary time periods with a maths mug. Ideally it is a know fact that maths geniuses often want some sort of equation to focus on even when they are eating or drinking. Simplify this case scenario by getting them a maths mug that has a number of maths equations on it that they would want to sort out when drinking their tea. The good thing with this is that it takes a number of tries to go through all of them and even after they have successfully solved each and single one of them they will be looking for new ways to solve them. This means its an ever ending fun challenge that they will forever the grateful for.

3. Aristotle math puzzle

For those who have friends or family that associates fun times with maths then the Aristotle math puzzle is one of the best gifts for maths geeks you can get. Offering you the opportunity to arrange and rearrange numbers in a particular pattern to ensure value is same, this game piece keeps maths fanatics on their toes. As it is an ever ending discovery process, this game has the ability to increase in difficulty level with the placement of the game tiles. This directly translates to the versatility of the game to be gifted to virtually any age group regardless if one is in middle school, college or a graduate. Needless to say it works as a great grouping activity in which people can bond over.

4. Pi bowl

For those who simply love having math elements around in their homes in order to have a good day, the pi bowl will be a wonderful gift for math geeks. The bowl can be used for various things like fruit bowl, salad bowl and much more. With this you get to decorate, put to practical use and allow the maths geek to communicate their love of maths without it being too technical.

5. Math formula tie

Finally as a means to ensure that their love of math is with them everywhere, consider gifting a maths geek with a maths equation tie. Ideally with this getting ready for a new day becomes an exciting affair, a far cry from normal boring days. Also as this tie will most likely quip interest of other people when they are up and about, it becomes a potential conversation starter; something that they will thank you for later especially if they want to meet and befriend new people.